Screen glitch on startup after OS upgrade

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Re: Screen glitch on startup after OS upgrade

Can you swap drives in that model?

Another example why I like the ability to boot (until now) Macs from external USB drives. I might have clean installed Big Sur on an external USB SSD drive and booted from it as a trial. I boot regularly from USB 3.0 SSD on my older Macs and they do even better than what my early 201Xs machines come with for drives.

I would try that. To me that is an issue. 2014 is getting up there and I am one who works with even older Macs. But I would also rather retain that computer as a backup. Redundancy is always better than latest and greatest.

Also, before selling a computer, I would boot from an external boot drive and completely erase the computers internal drive with a higher level of erasure, probably disk utility's max.  Then, clean install a selling system.

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