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24-120 is not a good DX match, why not an 18-55

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Having just purchased a D500 and the 200-500mm lens for wildlife I'm after another lens for general photography. Not wanting to spend a fortune after the outlay so far.

Been looking at the sigma 17-70 mm 2.8 and the Nikon 24-120 f4. Can anyone offer any recommendations for these two or any other suggestions.

Thanks Andy

NIKKOR 16-80

Thanks, its probably a very good lens but as I said I don't want to spend that amount.

Well, you didn't specify an amount. I think the 16-80 is an exceptional everyday lens when paired with D500. Weighting, reach, VR performance and optics satisfy. A very well-rounded lens.

When I originally bought the D500, I didn't buy the kit and subsequently paid the full price for the lens back when it was introduced. Despite the inflated price, I don't regret it as I find the lens so well paired to the D500 body.

Thanks, my budget won't stretch to that lens at the moment, don't really want to spend more than around £400. I may upgrade to a better lens further down the line but my main focus is wildlife currently hence the 200-500mm lens. I just need a walk around option for now.

The 24-120 is not a good match as a DX walk around lens, it is meant for FX. As DX, it is not wide  enough at its wide end and it is a relatively heavy lens for a DX walk around lens.

So if your plan is for a walk around lens with upgrade option later, why not an 18-55  kit lens from ebay. These lenses are certainly lightweight, and thus have some lasting value as throw in the bag general lens. Because of their limited zoom range and limited lens speed, they are made lightweight, cheap and with surprisingly good optical quality.

As has been said before the 16-80 f/2.8-4.0  makes a for very good single lens walk around kit. Its weight and size is still modest. The 24mm equivalent wide end is worth a lot. The sharpness performance through to the long end makes it highly attractive. And the lens speed is outstanding among  Nikon DX lenses and comes at the same, even  slightly less, weight than with its predecessor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 which offers the same wide end and range.

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