DXO Photolab, Capture One, or both?

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Re: DXO Photolab, Capture One, or both?

i_Coon wrote:

And finally, I find that the vignette tool in C1 does not allow for free placement like the one in Photolab. But I can push it much harder and it will still look natural. I'm quite impressed with it, I find that I can use C1's vignette tool to create much moodier images.

Strangely, I find that Photolab is still much better for portrait. Because I also bought DXO filmpack, and that unlocks a "fine contrast" slider. Setting that to minus 25 does wonders for portraits, making skin look softer and making people look younger and more attractive. Trying that in C1 results in a hazy, glowing mess.

I use a radial mask in C1 for vignettes, which gives full control over the every aspect of the vignette, including its shape as the radial mask can be edited.  I don't think I've used the C1 vignette tool since they introduced the radial filter

I don't do portraits but I assume you have used the skin tool in the color editor. It doesn't directly address contrast it's controls have a subtle and controlled effect on skin contrast as well the hue and lightness, just because it evens out the colour contrast as part of the adjustment.

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