Thom Hogan's review of the has some good news for Nikon D6 users

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Nikon D6 in DX mode or crop is a 8.9MP camera

Having used the D3 with its 12MP sensor I am well aware of the limitations of lower density sensors when it comes to ones ability to crop an image. Often there is no way to crop while taking the shot and if one wants to make for a stronger image by cropping then the image resolution needs to be high enough to support it.

When I first bought the D800e with its 36MP sensor I found that there was more resolution with JPG file from it than with Raw files from the D3. If all I shot was sports or could afford a 800mm lens and had time to be close to subjects in the field than no big deal. But my D850 provides an image area with the 500mm PF that is the same as that from my D5 using the 600mm lens - think about it.

The limitation with the Sony cameras is the lack of many lenses that I use with my Nikon cameras, including the tilt shift lenses, macro lenses, defocus control lens, fisheye, fisheye zoom, and 500mm PF for starters.

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