Traveling soon, with lots of batteries - need great portable outlet

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Re: Traveling soon, with lots of batteries - need great portable outlet

Lan wrote:


Lan wrote:

noisebeam wrote:

Something like this?

I'd go with noisebeam's suggestion, and then add something like this:

I think I'd still be one outlet short. That's a system that is similar to what I'm doing now, except less rigid/more floppy.

Less rigid is better IMO - as it usually packs smaller

Failing that, where are you going? Just wondering whether you could just pick up a plug board or two locally when you arrive? Most places these days you don't need to carry everything with you, you can often buy what you need when you get there. Plug boards are bulky things to pack if you're trying to keep the weight down...

The system I have works, but it's ... fragile and inconvenient. It ends up an a small lower shelf on a bedside table with a battery charger hanging off in 3 directions. Any bump and something falls loose, only to be found the next morning uncharged. Cord's a bit short too. Got to be something better. Also inconvenient.

Understood. Could you use rubber/elastic bands to keep things in place? I might be tempted to use some cyanoacrylate (superglue/crazy glue).

I wonder whether the resort would rent you a couple of power strips whilst you're there? They're cheap to buy.

Your trip sounds amazing, but it sounds like you need a member of staff just to keep up with charging everything!

I use an extension splitter like that as it gives me 5 outlets from a standard wall plug.  I used to add a three outlet USB to one of them which was better than any power strip built in USB I could find as it gives more amps to each USB outlet simultaneously.  (note the specs, they vary greatly).  It is less cumbersome than a strip to throw in a bag.

However I have mostly stopped charging USB from 110V outlets when traveling as I use a portable USB battery which can charge my phone ~5 times and I can take it on multi night overnight backpacks and charge my camera from it as well in a pinch (I primary use extra batteries)

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