Am I missing something?

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Re: Am I missing something?

I think what you're proving more is if you know your gear well enough you'll be able to pull the photos you'll want almost regardless of gear. You're not seeing the advantages of full frame because you're pretty much shooting optimally for each.  You exposed how you wanted, and were within the error set for your tastes during editing. You probably never had to go so far out for dynamic range limits of mft becuase you were already there. Now if you run and gun and got the exposure wrong, FF would more likely save your butt to get that extra dynamic range out of that, but again since you took your photos where you wanted it already you didn't have to go that far out to see that advantage. Then there's the detail. With the equivalency that works in your favor for DOF on mft because you don't have to stop down as much as you would on FF so your photos. I think mft for the hiking landscape photographer, its advantage because every ounce matters, and the less DOF helps them out in terms of image quality. Now if you're shooting portraits of people, or fast moving objects in low light such as indoor sports, I think the FF "shallower" DOF and low light advantage becomes more apparent. Even then, now that AF on mft is starting to adopt PDAF, you should be able to under exposure a little bit, using the DR you still have from RAWs to pump up the exposure to where you want it, and still use a decent shutter speed (from my experience on mft). I guess what I am getting at again is your photos were shot correctly according to your taste. Anyone can take any of the RAWs you did then bump up the shadow and complain that mft vs FF DR, but that isn't what you the photographer wanted anyways.

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