The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

I have a very academic curiosity and need to "re-engineer" (not "hack"!) M42 lenses for F-mount ... I know this is an offensive idea to many on this forum, but .... to each their own I suppose!

There is a list of good candidates for potentially easy mods here ...

I was working on a Helios 44m many months ago and started by adjusting the helicoid positions to see how much further I can get the optical block to move without any permanent changes. I got it to move enough to take the maximum focus distance from approximately 1.5m (I think) to 4m (wide open - not sure how much more I get when I stop down). I can get the block moving a bit more if I start cutting up the lens internals, BUT decided to see if I could get the rest from adjusting the adapter.

I am using the black adapter from the first post, though I also have the silver one. The silver ones are much nicer, so I am not messing with those. The black ones I figure are mostly disposable. Now, after literally staring at it for weeks, I ended up wondering if the stories about making them thinner are just myths.

To me it seems like the M42 thread reaches its limits with the unmodified adapter. If I make the adapter thinner, isn't the only thing I achieve going to be a bit of space between the lens and the adapter? I cannot imagine that the lens is going to go deeper into the adapter in any meaningful way. More importantly, I would expect the structural integrity of those already soft and thin adapters to be destroyed. Perhaps it is a better idea to cut away most of it and glue the remnants to the lens permanently?

That said, I never even tried the silver one. But the OP suggests that the silver one gives a longer max focus distance, so maybe that will get me all the way. Will dig it up this week and experiment. If it gets me further, then yes, I agree, the variability of these adapters is an important find for sure!!!

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