Easy way to remove false colour

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Re: Easy way to remove false colour

Rob de Loe wrote:

Here's a demo comparing some approaches I use. This is a tiny section from an image that shows strong false colour. Darn those sharp Fuji lenses!

RAF imported into Lightroom with no adjustments. Note the false colour in the grille under the sign, and in the bright trip above the sign. If you look very closely, there's false colour all over the place in this crop.

Here I ran a brush with moire set to max over the grille and the bright trim above the sign. This is surprisingly good. It doesn't normally work this well. The problem is you have to find all the moire, and parts of the image that you might not want to change are affected. You can turn this into a "global" solution by using a grad that covers the whole image uniformly,.

This is a global solution inside Lightroom. Using the Enhance tool (Photo-Enhance), Lightroom "re-develops" the RAF and creates a DNG. There's a small improvement. You can still use local brushes if you're not happy.

The best global solution is Fujifilm's X RAW Studio. The RAF is developed "in camera" using this tool. The file does not have to be on the camera card, but the camera has to be plugged in and connected. You can also develop it on the camera, but it's easier this way. The downside is you have to live with all the other RAW development settings that are baked into the TIFF at the time it is created. I consider this solution an emergency measure for drastic cases where I can't get good results with the RAF in Lightroom.


Thanks for this excellent “tutorial” on your approaches. Going into my notes.


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