First real estate shooting next week-end

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Re: As promised and to thank you for your help

ActionPhotoPassion wrote:

Here are some shots I ended-up with last week-end shooting this hotel

Some observations:


  • turn on all of the lights, basically always.  
  • ensure there are no dark corridors in or out of frame
  • good work on verticals
  • generally good composition
  1. I like the composition.  Lights on! Too bad about the car, perhaps the street was busy and you didn't have enough time to wait until it was clear.  Overall a bit dark.
  2. Not bad.  a bit dark where the door and the counter intersect on the left.  Good job of de-cluttering the counter top (assuming you did that).
  3. The darkened area makes it look creepy.  If you can't get light in there and aren't doing HDR (even then you'd likely need some light), switch to portrait orientation and show off the stairway, completely cutting out the darkened hallway.  I would normally edit-out things like the red fire / smoke alarm on the green wall with the lights.  It adds nothing, is distracting, and is easy to remove.  This isn't RE, it's a longer-term record of the hotel, so a bit of extra time will pay off.
  4. The door to the right leads into darkness - either light it or close it.  Lights on.  Composition: the balloon only partly visible behind the arched thing-on-the-bed is distracting, I might have moved it.  The TV is also dark and foreboding - rule of thumb for screens is to either capture a frame with them on (some people will insert a thumb drive with suitable static images) or to add something in post.  Overall it's a bit dark.  If you lift it generally and burn the leading edge of the bed it might be more inviting.
  5. Not bad.  I assume that whatever is outside the window isn't worth seeing, so you let it blow out.
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