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Re: Bad post - poor judgement - bad forum moderation...

Mark H wrote:

Austinian wrote:

Mark H wrote:

I think this shows incredibly bad judgement - for a a forum moderator to essentially be inviting comment and conversation regarding anyone's suicide.

You read far too much into a simple announcement of the death of a significant figure in the computer industry.

As if people might not read/hear that news in due course?

I think your degree of annoyance verges on the absurd.

You assume that I'm 'annoyed' - perhaps it is you who 'read far too much into a simple...' reply.

Your presumption is at least as absurd.

I do note that your upset...

And now you attempt patronisation.

I simply object to a 'moderator' deeming it necessary/appropriate to initiate such a topic - which is exactly what you did (despite your denial).

...didn't prevent you from commenting and starting a "conversation" I had no intention of inviting,..

That is patent disingenuous and convoluted nonsense on your part.

Anyone posting a start message/thread/topic is essentially starting/inviting conversation/comment to follow. I had nothing to say beyond a link to a news site.

What you did/didn't have to say on the subject is not the point.

As a supposed 'moderator' you started this thread on the matter/basis of someone's apparent suicide.

That hardly seems appropriate or particularly 'on topic'.

Poor judgement - poor 'moderation'.

Methinks Mark H doth protest a bit much. (with apologies to Will S.)

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