Anyone drooling over the Leica S3?

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Re: Leica Gonna Leica πŸ‘βœ”πŸ‘

zorgtool wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

Hahashahaha! Leica is gonna Leica. 😁

We had this discussion a long time ago when they announced it. Glad Leica is doing it. Some really rich dudes will get it and I bet it will be really good.

But it is not going to be as good as GFX and no way Leica can match this pace Fuji is setting on MF advancements.

And whoever the author is is absolutely clueless. I laughed out loud when he said that only really serious photographers would get this system. Not true. It

Well....that's depend how you define β€œreally serious photographers”, if you define β€œreally serious photographers” has someone who got a Leica well in that case the sentence are 100% true

never is with Leica. That is not how Leica sells cameras. Does this guy not understand the Leica market at all?

I'm you mean something like

are not used by real life reporter into war zone ?


Disclaimer : I don't love/hate Leica, Leica's user, etc...

Leica should separate the willing from all the money they foolishly want to spend. Why not? Leica will go to that well forever, as it will never run dry. There is no shortage of people who are susceptible to the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome.

And it's not just in Leica circles where this phenomenon exists.


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