RX10 IV focus hunting--and what does ((o)) mean?

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Re: RX10 IV focus hunting--and what does ((o)) mean?

Rodger1943 wrote:

I have had my RX10 Mk4 for about 2.5 years and like you, I find the AF very hit and miss. Its my single biggest complaint and frustration about the camera. I've settled on "centre" for all but birds in flight. I find its the only one that doesn't regularly lose the focus as I press the shutter button. "Wide" can be good, but not for birds in foliage, it wants to lock on to the foliage. I find that on many occasions it simply will not focus. Its usually when the bird is on a branch. I read that PDAF is designed to find vertical lines and I do find that if I turn the camera 90 degrees to the portrait mode, it will focus, but by the time I do that, my subject has flown.

Like you Rodger I have frustrations with this camera but not so much for BIFs. It's definitely my best for that. My frustrations are in easy situations where the the bird is clearly on the end of a branch or on top of a reed or bush, clearly out in the open and at the good distance for a good shot and you'd think perfect to focus on but many times I can't get the thing to focus no matter what focus mode. I have to aim right down to the ground  and move up in those situations then it focuses, but usually by that time many times my subject has gone. That's my one biggest problem. The other day in the dry grasslands a Meadowlark was sitting right on top of a sage bush out in the open with no bush behind.  What a great shot that would be, but by the time I fiddled to get focus it was gone. Geeeezz.

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