Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

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Re: Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

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I bought prop guards for my Air 2 when I first got it. I have only used them once, and now they are just collecting dust. My money would have been better spent on something else.

One of the conditions for flying over people is prevention of lacerations. Propeller guard is one of them. Another one is automatic propeller stop.

Please cite where that "condition" for use of prop guards is written. I have yet to find an FAA reference.

The actual regulation:

OK! I must admit that back then I was more preoccupied with Remote ID.

That said, the current DJI prop guards for the Mini/Mini 2 are not exactly going to be fully compliant with the rule as they are written:

"(a) A remote pilot in command must use a small unmanned aircraft that—

(1) Weighs 0.55 pounds or less on takeoff and throughout the duration of each operation under Category 1, including everything that is on board or otherwise attached to the aircraft; and

(b) Does not contain any exposed rotating parts that would lacerate human skin upon impact with a human being."

Add the prop guards to the Mini and you will exceed the 0.55 pound/249g threshold.

As to recreational flyers of the Air 2/Air 2S/M2P, etc there is no provision at all.

At least I have no plans to fly over "open-air assemblies of human beings".

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