Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

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Re: Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?


I'd like a neck strap. I'd also like a different USB cable that lets me plug it in with my Otter case on the phone.

Anker has a selection of very good USB-C to Lightning, and USB-C to USB-C cables. I have one of their 6" cables that I use when I am not using my Smart Controller.

Prop guards - been thinking about that, but also been thinking about getting one of those tiny FPV drones for indoor use and learning to fly it.

I bought prop guards for my Air 2 when I first got it. I have only used them once, and now they are just collecting dust. My money would have been better spent on something else.

You are better advised to improve your flying skills. Practice, practice, practice.

Outside in Phoenix we really don't have to worry much about flying under trees. However, at least up in the north edge where I live there aren't any open fields, just desert. I bought one of those folding landing pads to make it easier to take off and land without hitting a rock or short cactus. Tallest trees around are maybe 30 feet, mostly 10-20, along with saguaro cactus. Heat is a factor now, with average highs likely to be in excess of 104F until some time in October. Besides being an issue (how much?) for flying the drone, I don't particularly want to be out there baking in the sun.

A landing pad is a good idea particularly in dusty conditions where it will help protect your drone and camera from dust and flying debris damage.

You just don't want to go climbing a 30 foot saguaro to retrieve a stranded drone. 

One of my first flights was in over 104ºF heat, and the effect was most noticeable in the video. It seems the extreme heat effects the camera more than the flight characteristics of the drone. Not wanting to permanently damage the camera I limit my flying of very hot days to early morning, or once there is some sort of cool down in the evening.

I now have something like 27 one-minute flights for practice, and one or two that lasted 10+ minutes. Wish I'd bought in December when it was nice outside.

Push for a few more of those 10 minute flights, but any air time is good, even a few practice take offs, and landings.

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