Olympus XZ-2 in 2021, time for a change?

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Re: Olympus XZ-2 in 2021, time for a change?

I went through a similar decision over my ZX-2.  It has always been my camera I carried for non-photo specific travel and stayed in my computer backpack during my work days.  It was also my main camera that I could take into most concerts where interchangeable lens cameras are banned.  The concert use was the main driver for looking at something newer since they involve low light and often less than ideal shooting distances.

I rented and tested the Sony RX100 VI which gave me reach and much better pocketability.  However, the slower lens ended up pushing the ISO enough that the quality gain was negligible.  And physical handling was horrible.  I also considered the Panasonic DC-LX100II with the 4/3rds sensor.  But decided that cropping often to make up for the shorter zoom also negated the benefits of the larger sensor.  And it was a slightly bulkier camera.

That pretty much left the Canon G5XII.  I gave it a quick handling look at Best Buy and carefully read the reviews.  When it was on sale for $50 off last summer I picked one up.  Overall I am happy with the choice.  The viewfinder is a nice addition (I have a VF3 for my ZX-2 which I use occasionally).  Size is just a tiny bit larger than the ZX-2.  Due to COVID I really have only had a few limited chances to test it at concerts so I am not really able to say it is going to be better there which is my main use case.  I have found a few things I dislike about it.  The primary one is marco/close-up use.  I did a lot of flower closeups when walking around with the ZX-2.  The G5XII does not close focus as much as the ZX-2.  This has been big disappointment.  Enough that I end up taking those shots with my phone instead.  Handling wise it takes getting used to the physical exposure compensation dial.  While it is pretty stiff I often find I have moved it getting the camera in and out of cases.  Also, I used a Toshiba FlashAir WiFi card in the ZX-2 for on the fly photo transfers and liked that and the Olympus WiFi connectivity on my OMD's.  The Canon WiFi/Bluetooth seems much more fiddly.  It never easily reconnects to my phone or tablets (I use a phone, (4) Android tablets and (2) iPads depending on what I have with me).

I do like the Canon G5XII overall.  The low light performance and extra pixels are a nice upgrade.  However, until I can give it a concert workout over the next few months as things open up, I am reserving judgement on it really being a worthwhile upgrade.

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