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Re: Make your images less sharp

You could try the (well known?) trick to work first in black and white in monochrome mode, and then but the color back by using the output from the b&w image as luminosity layer (so you need to export both a colour and a monochrome version from SPP, and subsequently merge the two back together in a different program that offers layers and blending, such as Gimp, Photoshop etc )

I don't know about how this would work for the Quattro sensor, but for the Merill sensor it greatly reduces the "grittyness" which I can't really define or quantify ( but it is not just sharpness).

In fact, I also reduce sharpness a bit with the Merrill, but only to get rid of the oversharpening halos that you get in the default 0 setting in SPP (very obvious when you take an image that contains many small objects, such as grass).

So in short I do like it sharp, but don't like oversharping artifacts, and I don't like the "grittyness" which creates fake (?) details, which are particularly unpleasant in skin tone..

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