Fuji X-S10 "Fan Noise" normal?

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OP Matthias Harder New Member • Posts: 17
Re: Fuji X-S10 "Fan Noise" normal?

Thanks for the feedback! It's a bit of a surprise that it wasn't mentioned in any of the reviews I read beforehand. That made me wonder wether it's my camera that's not working propperly or my hearing just being more sensitive than most peoples or most people just not being botherd by noises like this.

And I got used to it in most situations except for really quiet shootings at night, where I sometimes still find it annoying.

What's actually bothering me more now is the battery. Contrary to what I've read of it being a bit short lived but generally fine, it isn't. It sucks! No getting around that. It probably has the worst battery life of any electronic device I've ever had and it makes me wonder how they build such crappy batteries and then sell them for 50$. Camera makers really have to up their game if they don't want to be eaten alive by phone makers. But that's a different topic, I'm digressing

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