A7 battery life span with adapters?

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Re: A7 battery life span with adapters?

ActionPhotoPassion wrote:

Renato1 wrote:

ActionPhotoPassion wrote:

I'll re-ask that in the E-mount forum see if anyone has any input there we never know.

OTOH I'm about to buy new batteries because it' weird how my battery is drained actually.

I only recently purchased NEX cameras and an A7s, most with non-original batteries.
Most of the batteries I have don't seem be very long lasters, quickly dropping to half charge (though the one in the A5000 seesm pretty good). But some seem to suddenly drop very quickly from full to near empty.... and later seem to work okay in different cameras.
In Freidman Archives on YouTube, Gary Friedman says he would always carry a pocket full of batteries when using the A7.

Hehe I have only the original battery with the A7 so I can't compare with no other.

But I did record a new video of this A7 with LAEA adapters. The video is 30 minutes.

At the beginning the battery is at 47% at the end of the video (recorded with my phone), the battery of A7 is depleted ... I find this extreme to say the least.

Well..... the camera is doing a lot of work, and the battery is tiny.
Maybe the best solution is the one I went with  - order a cheap battery grip from China and use two batteries.

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