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Format is the standard for erasing files, unless you should exclusively in jpg, delete is limited. Sometimes I use it to flag files for deleting on the computer as they show up as one RAW instead of the RAW+JPG.

This is not a case of using delete instead of format to clear a card. This is using delete for individual images.

I use format to clear a card, but I use delete when I do something silly, like take a shot with the lens in manual focus without focusing (don’t laugh!), or take a photo of my foot by pressing the shutter just before lifting the camera from hanging down…

No point in not deleting a mistake like that - would you insist that we leave it on the card, import it, then delete it?

Ok, but the point I was trying to make is raw files don’t get deleted, just jpegs, so it’s of limited use

I shoot exclusively in RAW and deleted RAW images do not show up when I view the card on my computer. Indeed, the card immediately creates space for more images when full, proving that the RAWs are not maintained.

If you’re shooting exclusively in one or the other then you’re fine. If you shoot in both then only jpegs are deleted.

Wow! That sounds like a bug.

I might have to conduct an experiment to verify that. Is that with RAW and JPEG to same card, or to separate cards?

Separate cards

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