How to photograph invisible part of the moon?

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Re: 2400WS packs x 1,000,000

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Tristimulus wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

and Fresnel lenses on all the heads.


Fresnell lenses are not quite up to the better traditional lenses and telescopes when it comes to astrophotography...

Fresnels are used to focus the light from a flash or other light source for photography of distant subjects. AFAIK, traditional lenses and telescopes are not readily adapted to this purpose.

Also, my post was meant as a joke.

Yeah - but some new diffractive optics telephoto lenses are based on fresnell lenses.

Have some experience with fresnell lenses for lighthouses. Small light bulb, large fresnell lens, and a brighter light beam than any astrophotographer would want...

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