Dual monitor "quality control" i1 Profiler + i1Display issue

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Re: Dual monitor "quality control" i1 Profiler + i1Display issue

wagadidou wrote:

Hello everyone

I'm facing a strange behaviour with my dual screen setup + i1 Profiler / i1 Display calibration.

First, i apologize if there's some mistakes in what i wrote, this is not my main language. I also translated the i1 Profiler messages i saw to English so perhaps they are slightly different in the real world.

My setup is :

- Windows 10 (drivers up to date)

- Screen 1 : BenQ SW270C (displayPort)

- Screen 2 : Asus VG24V (HDMI)

- Calibration tool : i1Display Pro

- Calibration Software : I1Profiler V3.3.0

For your monitor you should use Benq Palette Master Element and not the X-Rite software.

Make sure to first uninstall the X-rite software.

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