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I'm a hobbyist photographer, shooting for fun and personal memories rather than anything “serious”. Had a Canon 100D for years which I loved and then last year moved to a Canon 77d which I also loved. Something though was nagging me to move to mirrorless (perhaps the promise that mirrorless is the future, and more compact kit) and not being overly taken with Canon's M range and the R range being mostly out of budget after a lot of research I switched the Cannon for the new Fuji X-S10. It’s a great camera but after 6 months with it I’m really missing the Canon “feel” and am sorely tempted to go back to the a Canon fold. I can’t put my finger on why this is, but there’s just something that makes my photography feel slightly less enjoyable than it did with Canon gear.

However, what’s stopping me at the moment is what I’d go for. I’m happy buying used and the 77d although from a few years ago was a significant upgrade on my 100d, and not that much bigger and a nice camera to use. The 80d and 90d are bigger and heavier (and that’s without lenses). Canon's mirrorless M range feels like it’s heading down a dead end and the R range feels too expensive for my needs (despite having forked out over £1k on my Fuji 😆).

As an aside, I don’t have any Canon gear now - my lenses were an Cnon 18-55, and 50mm, a Sigma 70-300 and a Tamron 80-270. My Fuji has an 18-55 and 50-230.

So my dilemma is, do I persevere with the Fuji - an up to date model, current mirrorless tech but for some unidentifiable reason not 100% enjoyable (for me), or revert to preference for Canon probably using DSLR technology on likely an older body with lots of decent used lenses available?

I know I’ll get differing opinions, and only I can make the choice but I felt I needed to articulate this somewhere…

I'd get a Canon full frame mirrorless  (R5, R6, R, etc.)  .... but I own Canon lenses

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