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Re: Portrait enhancement software

I played with PortraitPro for a while some years ago. Every so often I took some images for friends, but I don't really do it now...

Anyway, PortraitPro was amazing to me in what it could do in an instant. It could make anyone into a model, give perfect skin, teeth etc. and if you used the presets, everyone looked like an airbrushed model from a fashion magazine.

If you used it manually, with just a little adjustment on some sliders, it did an amazing job too. Just enough to please anyone.

But at the end of the day, I gave it up. It was just a curiosity for me. I much prefer the "warts and all" approach of realism and faithfulness to how things/people really look.

Your mileage may vary of course and many will disagree with me. I don't know the other programs, but I no longer dabble with any of them.


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