Am I missing something?

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Re: Am I missing something?

Yes, here's what you are missing: Gearheads love to flame in forums over minor theoretical gear differences because they have no life. Once you actually start using the gear and get creative, those differences become rather irrelevant, save for some special cases.

Some time ago, I was on the verge myself of adding a second system because I wanted a superzoom and theoretically the Nikon 24-200 seemed like it could be a better proposition than Olympus 12-100. After seeing lots of images from both lenses I came to the conclusion that neither of the two will be more beneficial than the other for my photography and made the logical choice; I got the 12-100 and avoided the unnecessary expense of a second system. Needless to say I'm very happy with that lens since.

To answer your other question, ISO 100 or 64 on Olympus is essentially in-camera ETTR.

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