When Google fails - You turn to DPR. (best BW printer 2021)

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Re: When Google fails - You turn to DPR. (best BW printer 2021)

A few thoughts,  but first a caveat,  I print with Epson printers and have done so for 10+ years, so I don't really know the full market.

That said, printers that support Epson's Advanced Black and White (ABW) mode give superb BW prints.

Also, if you are printing a lot and have the space, consider a 17 inch printer.  The cost per mL if ink is often much less in the larger cartridges of a 17" printer than those of a 13" printer.

Another thing to consider if you print BW exclusively is the Piezography Pro system, where you replace the OEM inks with a black/grey only ink set. After a steep learning curve this gives wonderful results with the ability to control the tone from very warm to cool and to do sophisticated split toning.

Much of my work is BW  (although  I do some color work as well)  and I have been making BW prints for 50 years. I also print regularly using a number of alternative processes... mainly salted paper these days.

So what do I print with?  I have an Epson P800 with OEM inks,  an Epson 3880 with the Piezography Pro system and an ancient Epson 1400 with Piezography Warm Neutral inks. The last of these doesn't get a whole lot of use since I got the Piezography Pro system.  I rarely print larger than an 11x14 image on 13x19 paper,  and mostly smaller than that, but it is nice to have the option to make a 16x20 on occasion.  The cost of ink is the reason I went with 17 inch printers.

Hope this helps,

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