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I didn't know Topaz have a watermark in trial versions now. In the past, I had use for Gigapixel twice, months apart, so I just downloaded the trial under different accounts and used it like that. It kind of makes sense that they try to allow trials, but build in some incentive to buy it.

Shame though, because I like trying new things and sometimes string together three or four pieces software to achieve my desired result. But so infrequently that it hardly justifies buying it all.

I tried out DXO Pure Raw and it was really nice. Excellent lens corrections, excellent noise reduction. In many situations, I prefer Topaz Sharpen AI though. So after my trial of Pure Raw expired, I have downloaded DXO Photolab 4. For the moment, I can select lens corrections and deselect noise reduction.

DXO Camera Raw/Photolab works well with an exif file and known lenses etc. The optical corrections like sharpness, vignetting and geometric distortion are great. I find no great benefit from the DXO software with non-native manual/mechanical primes.

If there is no motion blur, my workflow (of today) is basically Photolab 4 for lens correction, Topaz Denoise AI for noise reduction and then it's done. If there is motion blur or it's somewhat out of focus, I will skip Photolab 4 and do denoise AI followed by sharpen AI.

Different tools for different tasks.

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