Canon R5 Custom (C1-C3) Settings Randomly Changing from "M" to "P"

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Re: Canon R5 Custom (C1-C3) Settings Randomly Changing from "M" to "P"

gary_mak wrote:

Anyone else seeing this issue? I have Custom Settings (C1-C3) all set very precisely with customized settings for C1 (birds/fast moving), C2 (Landscape), C3 (Portraiture). All "M", so it reads "C1M, C2M, C3M." I NEVER use "A" or "P" modes. Yet, sometimes, randomly, when I turn the camera on, or even go change the setting from one Custom setting (say, C1) to another (say, C3") I find that one of my settings goes nuts and when I look it is now showing as "C2P". (This has happened with the other C settings as well. There is no rhyme or reason I can see.

Since I never use "P" mode, how does this happen? The only settings on the camera I change is going from one C setting to another.

Absolutely stumped. Any idea? Thanks!

One of mine did that just the other day for the first time! I can't understand it either as P mode is turned off permanently so it shouldn't even be possible to use it. It happened after I changed one of the settings in C2 whilst using it, then it wouldn't change back to C2M. I ended up reassigning the settings from M mode.

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