My Canon 50D shows pink clouds and blue skies

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Re: My Canon 50D shows pink clouds and blue skies

Sony Rosario wrote:

Hmmm, soo should I upgrade to an original 7D?

Curious as to why you are thinking a 7D (which is an equally old camera) ?

Do you particularly need the heavy-duty professional build quality ? The original 7D might have the edge on build quality and even AF capability, but there is a lot of xxxD (Rebels) and xxD (60D, 70D, 80D etc) cameras that are much newer with better features and more Mp - probably for similar money.

Did you buy this 50D very recently (I saw that you have only shot a few photos with it) ? Was it like this from the first photo you shot, or did it go bad soon afterwards ?

I am not sure what you mean about selling photos ? Are you planning to go professional with this ?

As for diagnosing the problem, I am obviously not certain, but I had an Arlo security camera progressively turn pink on me and it was the sensor that had failed - I cannabalised another camera's sensor and it was fine. I sincerely doubt that you could get an economical sensor replacement on such an old camera, but you can certainly try. You may want to get it physically assessed by a camera repair shop - I am not sure that you will get a 100% accurate diagnosis by remote control on this forum.


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