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AstroVagabond wrote:

abe4652 wrote:

Over the last few years, have we had a slowdown in postings?

I agree. It also seems to me there is a slowdown in postings. I expect there are analytics DP Review could share to confirm or refute. I expect they also have the analytics per forum.

In my opinion more and more people are making YouTube their preferred source for information when they want to learn how to use their camera(s), learn photography fundamentals , learn studio lighting and techniques, or are looking for camera, lens, and system buying advice.

In full transparency YouTube is my preferred choice over DP Review but I may come here and use DP Review as a secondary, or more likely these days, as a tertiary source.

In my opinion the Open Talk forum should be eliminated so posters have to target their post to topic specific fora. For example I see many posts about technique in Open Talk when there is a dedicated forum called General Photos Technique.

(Disclaimer: Everything I post on DPReview fora is my opinion and should be treated as such unless you believe in what my opinion states. In that case it may be fact and not opinion. The reader should decide appropriately.)

Yeah, I don't think internet forums are really used too much by younger people.

In most of the enthusiast boards I poke around online for various subjects, it seems to be very much tilted towards the >30-40 age of the spectrum, and for some (like this one i suspect) more like the >65 portion.

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