OOPs.. I Dropped my P950 :(

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Re: OOPs.. I Dropped my P950 :(

bluzman wrote:

Judging from that beautiful first image, it seems like you dodged a bullet. Excellent!!

Indeed. Glad its working fine.

Reading this post got me thinking, though. Most of the time in the field, I use a camera strap like this one from BlackRapid.


I supplement it with a small tether between the strap itself and one of the built-in attachment points on my camera...a backup safety, if you will.

I wonder how many here use a similar rig.

Thanks for that. I actually dont use anything around my neck. Instead I have hand straps on my cameras.

How did it drop?

I also , at times use a vest that has slots. These come with adapters that connects to tripod mount. These then slide into slot area on the vest .

So camera can be secured on body...and If I need to move fast to follow wildlife...there is no bouncing around. The neck strap will have camera bouncing

Having the P950 on this vest...I was shooting a dragonfly...and I bent over to get good angle.

Unfortunately I leaned over too much...and P950 which was on and lens at 2000mm...well it fell right off.

I was shooting with another camera, while P950 was on the vest.

Vest works great...just wont work if one leans over until camera slides right out of the vest

Stay healthy


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