What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

Phil A Martin wrote:

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Phil A Martin wrote:

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When SD became the norm I went to "single use" because the cards are so cheap.

Are you saying that you use a card and keep it when full instead of formatting it for reuse?

Yes. A 64GB card holds 1500 files, and costs less than it used to cost me to buy a 36-exposure roll of film and get it processed (without scaling that for the change in prices or my income since I was shooting lots of film). The cost of storage for my shoots is much less than the cost of driving to the shoot.

My last 128 gb card cost me £40, my 4tb hard drive cost £140 and can store the equivalent of just over 30 128gb cards and that would cost over £1200. Obviously it's your choice but it doesn't seem very economic or convenient to me.


Kingston 128GB for £17.29. 64GB is £8.99 Call it 3000 photos for 1800p. 0.6p per photo. When I come to sell the K1 I'll probably get half it's cost back so (I'm guessing )45,000 shots will cost £900- 2p per shot.

Thanks to lockdown the 64GB card which I started in August didn't come out till May, and the one which went in in October I finished this weekend. So even writing to two cards, I've spent less than £20 on storage in the last 10 months. I've driven somewhere over 800 miles to take those pictures, at 25p/mile that's £200. I could probably save the price of the storage by driving a bit slower! Things like Scuba trips start at £1000, so dedicating a £10 memory card to one doesn't register.

I also have a 4TB drive - a bit more than half full, that's my primary back-up. Cards are the last line of defence. It's miles easier to find what I want on the 4TB drive too (was that on the card I started in May or ended in May?) It must have 70-80,000 pictures on it, plus video, but most of those are smaller files than the K1 produces. Still I could get 100,000 K1 Raws on it which is 10-15 years shooting.

FWIW my backup drive policy is buy the biggest drive I can get for about £100. In the time it takes to fill it capacity increases, when it's nearly full buy a new £100 drive copy the last one to it and repeat. That might seem mad too

My back up of last resort is the card I shot on.

(I still have 4GB cards from c. 2008 although I'm not relying on them working!)

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