Canon confirms they do actually manufacture R3 stacked CMOS sensor this morning for a second time.

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Re: Sony doesn't even make all their own sensors.

MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

Someone posted an article a few weeks about TSMC making sensors for Sony, and an other about Sony using Samsung sensors in some of their smartphones. Sony copied Canon's translucent mirror in their SLTs, and no one cared.

Its a ridiculous argument, and every industry shares parts and patents. I can remember back when Rambus memory was popular only Rambus made nothing , I don't care who makes the sensor. It is what the camera does with it that matters.

TSMC is a fabrication house (fab). They don't design the chips they just manufacture them.  This is an oversimplification but it is as if you shot a picture, brought into Lightroom edited it, got exactly what you wanted and then sent it out as a file to have it printed.  TSMC does the printing for chips.

So, even if TSMC fab's the chip for SONY it is still a SONY chip, it will say SONY on it, have SONY's part number etched on the top and will be an entirely SONY design.  Canon may fab at TSMC as well.

FWIW: TSMC is the most expensive of a large number of general purpose CMOS foundries. At least they were back when I was working (5 years ago).

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