Could use some advice on a printer clog/almost unclogged, to ehhh? 0.o' (Epson XP-620)

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Could use some advice on a printer clog/almost unclogged, to ehhh? 0.o' (Epson XP-620)

So, I had some family medical issues at the same time as that person was downsizing/moving from a house to an apartment. I know, great timing right? But at least it fits in well with 2020-2021. My place got torn apart as I had to move some stuff into my apartment, and I just didn't have time to print for about 2 months.

I had a lot of clogs, which I was dreading, but I did manage to clear most of them. Then I did a cleaning cycle to try to get the rest (you'll see in the photo) and when CL1 didn't work, I did a CL2. The top part of the photo is after the CL1 (actually CL1 changed nothing.) lol Then I did a CL2, and the results are at the bottom of the photo.

I actually named the file, "Got_Greedy.jpg" lol

My next step is to clean up the wiper blade, the ink pad, etc.

I wanted to know if anyone had another other advice. I did a shop towel (paper towels that don't shed) Windex, which I just read may not be good for modern models, but this is a XP-620.

I also wasn't sure what to use (and ratios) for the ink pad.

Oh, a couple of other "details."

I'm using auto-reset chip cartridges, but with Epson ink for the ET-7700.

I was wondering if I should use something different to clean off pigment ink, since that's the one with the big problems. I do have pure ammonia and distilled water, so I may make that instead of Windex, but I'd need to know the ratio. Since I don't know what the bottom of the print head looks like now, I have no idea if the pigment part of the head is covered in ink or not. :/

Any help would be appreciated.


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