What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

James O'Neill wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

The K1 offers a tilting screen, built in GPS and the last word in image quality - though this is more in theory than leaping out of the prints.

Have you compared prints between the K1ii and the K3iii and if so, at what size?

I don't have a K3-iii

So you mean you don't have a K1ii, only a K1?

"Only" Yes. The upgrade here was over-subscribed and then the service company went bust, otherwise I would have taken the upgrade.

I don't think anyone can tell a K1 print from a K1-ii print at normal ISO.

I reckon I could put my best prints from the last dozen years (most A3 size, some A4) on a table at A4 or A3 size and no-one would be able to tell what was K7, K5, K5-iiS or K1. If I chose carefully they wouldn't spot the iPhone ones.

I've not had the opportunity to carry out this test but I feel confident that I would be able to tell.

There are pictures I wouldn't have taken on the phone, or the K7 that I would take on the better cameras, and pictures which failed on the lesser cameras.

If I had K1-ii, K3, and K3-iii to add to the selection would they be easier to pick out ? No.

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