Moving Epson cartridges from an XP-760 to an XP-970

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Re: Moving Epson cartridges from an XP-760 to an XP-970

Guys, here is the reply I received from Epson. Looks like it will work, many thanks for your help

Thank you for contacting Epson Customer Service and Support.

You would be able to switch the leftover ink from your XP-760 to your new XP-970, this is not a problem. Once inserted the correct ink levels would be read from the microchip on the inks and the ink should not dry out if you are just switching these straight from one printer to another. However, when you receive the replacement printer you should initialise this with the setup inks provided in the box with the printer since these are mostly used up in the initialisation process, and then once they need replacing then use the inks from the XP-760.

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