Sony A7Riii vs Nikon Z (For day-night timelapse/astrophotography) - What should i buy?

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Sony A7Riii vs Nikon Z (For day-night timelapse/astrophotography) - What should i buy?

Hello everyone, my name is Roberto, i would like to thank you in advance for your time and support . I come to this forum as a newbie in order to please ask you for some advice.

I really want to introduce myself to astrophotography, I've been playin around with my Nikon P600 but I want to take a step further so I want to purchase new gear !

Firstly I would like to share what my intentions are, I really love specifically "really long" timelapses and thats my main goal, both during day and night, as well as astrophotography with/without star-tracker.

So basically I am looking for a mirrorless camera that allows me to take timelapses and photos during the day, but i think it should be specifically designed for astrophotography in order to allow me to make timelapses and star photos during the night, which I would like to focus more on. Even in a long-term future attach the camera to a telescope.

I know that Im looking for everything in just one camera but thats the reason why I ask for your advice

I'm getting crazy during my search, lots of specs, which sometimes I find it difficult to understand. For you to have and idea of the price range that I can afford, I list below the cameras that I have in mind. Its a lot of money for me, so I'm simply terrified of making a bad decision and I do not have enough knowledge to be sure that I'm making the right choice. So here we go:


Sony Alpha7Riii (aprox. 2.700 €) I started my search with Sony's cameras, I was almost convinced to purchase one, but then I found about the "Star Eater" problem and the lack of firmware updates coming from Sony. I don't know if this is still a big issue or not. I like the construction of the camera as well as some special features that this camera has for astrophotography. From what i read, its battery time is quite good, it has integrated a feature for timelapse settings and has two memory cards slots. But the "Star Eater" issue its worrying me.

Sony Alpha7Siii (approx. 3.800 €) Its just way to expensive though Sony referres to it as a camera specifically for astrophotography and video. I don´t know if it is worth the price difference with Sony Alpha7Riii. The sony Alpha7Siii has just 12 Mp but they are quite big so it's great fro astrophotography, not really sure how this will affect timelapses and photos during the day. If this is a camera that it is really worth and that will last "almost" forever I might be able to do a economic effort to purchase it.


When I found out the "Star Eater" issue, I searched for Nikon cameras. I've been looking for a Z camera, whe we have 4 options.

The latest Z7ii and Z6ii (could not find their price accurately) which biggest difference for me respect to the older Z7 and Z6 is that now the have two slots for memory cards. When comparing to Sony's Alpha range they tend to be very similar. Nikon Z7ii is double the price of the Sony Alpha7Riii, thought they have almost identical feature under my opinion, so is it better to go Sony?


I'm starting to dig in Canon, but they seem to be in the third place when talking about mirrorless cameras (dont know if I'm mistaken, please dont be angry!)


Im in the middle of nowhere, I just dont know which is the best call to make. So please I ask your for your advice to take the right choice.

Another variable to take into account are the lenses that both offer, I would like to go for an ultrawide lens (which i estimated they are around 1.000 €). I don't know if you have any other suggestions for different manufactures or cameras, so I'm open to any feedback.

I would like also to say that I have asked to some colleagues and friends and I have found that when they started with photography they chose a manufacturer, and they only have used that manufacture till now. They really defend and stand up for it no matter what happens. So their advise it is kinda influence by that, so it has not been very helpfull so far.

Thank you again, wish you all a great day!

Nikon Z6 II Nikon Z7 II Sony a7R III
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