Fuji X-S10 "Fan Noise" normal?

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OP Matthias Harder New Member • Posts: 17
Re: Fuji X-S10 "Fan Noise" normal?

Stays the same. But from what I gathered the IBIS is always on even when off. It won't stabilize the sensor but the same mechanism that does when on keeps the sensor in place when turned off so that would explain why it's always audible.

I think in playback mode it turns of after a while, after a loudn "plonk" noise That's how I remember it but I haven't investigated that futher.

And if it is normal for the IBIS to make this noise I'd still be interested wether it really is normal to be this audible. I've used other stabilised cameras before where I certainly didn't hear the noise at arms lenght...

I'd be happy for other ownsers of the same model to share their experience!

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