Canon - Fuji dilemma

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Re: Canon - Fuji dilemma

tspear wrote:

I recently made the jump from Canon to Sony.

Before I did, I tested the latest bodies from Sony, Canon, Fuji and Nikon, Leika. The Leika just did not fit my hand, so that test lasted about 30 seconds

Fuji and Sony look, feel and shot like they were designed by engineers who never met a human interface designer. The number of nobs, buttons and positions, the ten ways to do something, the complicated menus organized around features instead of how a user uses them, trying to squeeze everything into as small a package as possible... The list goes on.

Nikon spent a more time on the ergonomics, with Canon way ahead of all the rest when it comes to ergonomics. Everything is minimal interface required, very simple (but unlike Apple actually gives you full control and hides nothing).

I have found that Sony and Fuji, the camera "engineering" is in the way of taking the shot compared to Canon or Nikon. I think for many Canon users, this can very disturbing.

I'm Sony user, who used Canon for app. 4 months (had A6400 and RP side by side). In some ways RP felt more advanced (great touch interface) but in some ways also limiting (way less possibilities of customisation, shocking example for me - not possible to set AF/MF switch). Canon forced me his way of control. I didn't like it, but used to it after like 3 weeks.

So in general I don't agree with your list "Canon way ahead", it's highly subjective topic.

I am in IT, so the engineer first mentality does not bother me, and is very recognizable and presents no issues. (ok, Sony it is first, last and only).


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