Options for cost-effectively purchasing a 16-80E in the USA

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Re: Options for cost-effectively purchasing a 16-80E in the USA

NikonMan09 wrote:

I am potentially interested in purchasing a second 16-80E lens for my D7200 and D7500 cameras, so the wife can have one of her own and we don't have to share the copy I purchased with my D7500 kit. I am not willing to spend $1066 regular price for a new USA-warranted lens and I am not too interested in refurbished options. I am seeing new gray market or the used market (E-Bay, Craiglist) as options of primary consideration. If Nikon now offers only a 1-year warranty for USA-warranted lenses, I say that makes a gray market option more viable. Thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

Enter MPB.com.


They have 25 of them in stock for $464-$529. I feel like that is quite cost-effective, and they offer a 6 month warranty. They also don't charge sales tax. I've bought from them multiple times, and I'm always satisfied. I see no other real options for cheaper, except for those with no warranty or broken, and even buying on eBay you get charged so much tax these days.


^^^ That one is $464, looks good, and even comes in the original box according to the listing.

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