Sony 200-600 has poor VR - what about Sony 100-400 ?

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Sony 200-600 has poor VR - what about Sony 100-400 ?


Hopefully this won't be a duplicate, even though there are multiple posts trying to compare those two lenses. I have read statement like "don't use a 500mm lens without a monopod", but that's not the question. The question is which of the Sony 100-400 or Sony 200-600 has better VR / OSS ?

For reference, I got the 200-600 about a week ago and went out for a whole day shooting, sometime handheld, sometime with monopod. Overall good lens, even though I am not quite sure about the resolution of the glass. But what strike me what the very poor VR of that lens. At first, I wasn't sure it was working, then did tests.. And yes ok it's there but it's very moderate. I also own the Nikon 200-500, one of the best VR lens I have ever seen and there is just no comparison between them. I did a series of shot at 500mm, from 1/10s to 1/60s. The results are quite clear and significant:

Sony 200-600:
- 1/10s: 0/4 sharp
- 1/13s: 0/4 sharp
- 1/15s: 0/4 sharp
- 1/30s: 1/4 sharp
- 1/60s: 4/4 sharp

Nikon 200-500:
- 1/10s: 3/4 sharp
- 1/13s: 2/4 sharp
- 1/15s: 4/4 sharp
- 1/30s: 4/4 sharp
- 1/60s: 4/4 sharp

The difference is also very clear when taking video footage. The OSS of the 200-600mm is just extremely poor in comparison of the N200-500. My question is therefore: is the OSS of the Sony 100-400mm better than the one of 200-600mm ?

For those interested, I would say the Sony 200-600 is probably sharper than the Nikon, especially in the corner, and suffer from less chromatic aberration when shooting > 300mm. I was about to sell my N200-500, but I did felt the difference in the field during my day of shooting, hence this test that confirmed it and now my question about the Sony 100-400. Thanks in advance !

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