A few uncommon birds and animals from my neck of the woods

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A few uncommon birds and animals from my neck of the woods


Here are a few uncommon birds and animals I have run across recently. I am surrounded by beautiful wildlife here in tropical North Queensland.( they are not always obvious and noticeable). I am documenting as many as I can while they are still with us. We humans like to take over natural habitat and turn it into developed areas and farmland. (often more than we need)-we only have one world. Most of these birds are rainforest dwellers.Large portions of the Atherton Tablelands (where I live) have been cleared for farmland. Where do the rainforest species go???



Leucistic Pale Yellow Robin -rare genetic variation of the Pale Yellow Robin

The Yellow-Breasted Boatbill is in the flycatcher family.(uncommon to rare)

The Juvenile Whipbird is well known for the distinctive sharp sound it makes.Almost anyone will hear this bird if you walk in Australian rainforest. (Locally common to uncommon)

The Black-Winged Monarch is quite rare in my area.It is mostly found across the top of Australia.(uncommon)

The Spotted Green Catbird is found only in the North tropics (uncommon and narrow range)

The Freckled Duck is Australia's rarest duck (rare and numbers are not increasing-estimate)

Freckled Ducks

The Banded Honeyeater is found across the top end of Australia ( this one is out of it's usual range) (uncommon)

Latham's Snipe are found at Hastie's Swamp NP when the water level is low (more mud)

The Fairy Gerygone is the less common cousin of the Brown Gerygone

Barred Cuckoo Shrike (rare)

Striated Sitella ( uncommon treecreeper family)

Juvenile Yellow-Breasted Boatbill ( the feathers are Olive, Yellow, and White -Adult is Yellow ,Black and White)

Platypus are found in many creeks across the eastern coast of Australia (once common-now??)

The Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo is found in a very narrow range on the Atherton Tablelands only.Much of their habitat has been cleared for farming.

The Black-Necked Stork was common across Northern Australia.(It may be less common now)

We have two cranes in Australia. I have noticed the numbers seem to be reducing over the past 20 years ( anecdotal observations)IMO - Sarus Crane

Victoria's Riflebird male Bird of Paradise native to rainforest (uncommon)

Sarus Crane

The Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo is a rainforest dweller

Leucistic Plumed Whistling Ducks-rare genetic variation-have very little pigment

Baillon's Crake -(uncommon in Australia common in Asia)

female Victoria's Riflebird ( uncommon and narrow range)

Spotted Pardalote ( uncommon)

Buff-Breasted Paradise Kingfisher (rare)

The Little Kingfisher is amazing -body is 8 cm (uncommon)

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