A550 with various M42 Adapters

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And 11 Years Later........

I gave up on using M42 lenses not long after writing the above post. It was too hard for me to consistently get the focus exactly right most times. I had a friend machine down a thick M42 adapter to make it thin so that my 8mm Peleng lens came to focus in my Sony cameras, and I left it at that - it was the only M42 lens I made any use of for over 10 years.
But after recently buying a cheap Nex 3, I started using M42 lenses again for fun, as focusing using focus peaking felt so much like focusing did in the old days on my old SRT101 and X700.  I tried to enhance that experience by using the M42 lenses in my A57 - only to find focus peaking didn't work with a plain adapter. So I hunted around till I found my chipped adapter, and then it did work. I felt like I was back taking pictures in the 90s. And then I started watching YouTube videos of people raving about using vintage lenses, including some that I had, which enthused me more. 
So tonight I was wondering what the instructions were for my Haoda adapter, since I couldn't find them in the house, and I searched for them on Google. The search threw up this old post, and the actual instructions on another post at Dyxum.
Much to my amazement, this post revealed to me that I actually owned two chipped M42 adapters, and that the one I had been using was most probably the cheap Ebay one I refer to above. I will thus have a big search ahead of me trying to find the Haoda adapter, as I moved house since writing the original post.
Curiously, there don't seem to be any chipped M42 adapters like my one for A-mount on Ebay anymore. Plenty of them for Canon, but none for Sony. 

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