Buy a Nikon 35mm SLR or rent a Canon Lens?

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Re: Buy a Nikon 35mm SLR or rent a Canon Lens?

John Crowe wrote:

Good grief I missed that! The 650 gets confusing because now there is a 650D digital.

Rent the Canon L lens and take the D750 too. Check exposures with the digital and have at it with the film camera. Use some nice films to make the effort worthwhile.

Good advice!!

Especially since old things break more often ( or do they actually ? ) - at least the OP has a brilliant backup if all else fails.

I love taking on film on my contaxs’’ but I just wouldn’t commit to film for anything important / unique and that’s with contax bodies that I know and have owned and used for 3,decades+ - let alone a recently purchased F4 or whatever.  Since the OP has his 650 then I totally agree - rent the L glass ( would be what I would do )


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