Cosyspeed: updates on actual shipping + feedback on products

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Re: Cosyspeed: updates on actual shipping + feedback on products

Update from fellow photographer Ken Gosden (received yesterday)


I heard back from Cosyspeed regarding the 404 issue and the status of my order. The two responses are below:

"Due to some technical and formal procedures the PHOTOHIKER was/is offline for some days in our shop, and will be back online in the coming days.
Regarding the shipping in the endless story of supply chain constraints, our CEO had sent an info mail. Seems like it was not delivered to you, so I'll paste it for you below:
Dear all,
today we got information from our forwarder that the PHOTOHIKERs, PHOTOCUBEs and CAMSLINGER on backorder will be arriving in Hamburg tomorrow, will go through customs on Monday and will be in our warehouse between 17th and 21st. We are prepared to ship to you immediately!
All the massive delays that we and in particular you had to face, have become somehow bizarre. For example on the railway transport from the factory in China to our warehouse a random customs inspection took place when the train left China. Our forwarder told us that such is as likely as winning the lottery. It took almost three weeks to get the container back on the track.
But now things are on the move and I am so grateful for your patience and kindness all the lime. I don't know if I would have been able to be as patient and kind as almost everyone of you was. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your PHOTOHIKER, PHOTOCUBE or CAMSLINGER.
Many thanks and all the best"

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