What level of a photographer would you rate me?

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Re: What level of a photographer would you rate me?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Dray26 wrote:

Hello! I was just wondering in the view of other people what level of a photographer would you put me at? (Amateur, Intermediate, Pro). I threw together a little random portfolio of some of the photos I have done.

I would think intermediate, better than a beginner, but not proficient.

Pro would not apply unless you are getting paid. But being professional does not imply any particular level of competency.

“Amateur” can mean low quality, but that word more literally means a lover of an art, someone who practices an art for the joy of it, and not for pay. Amateurs can be very competent.

I agree. And even though you could sell one of these, the distinguishing characteristic of a successful pro is getting results consistently, so that when you get paid to get results you hit them every time. There are many misses here, even accounting for taste I'd say.

But the amateur-intermediate-pro is a false spectrum. I've gotten paid for crappy photos and would never call myself a "pro," and wouldn't have quit my day job.

And some amateurs produce astounding stuff, better than people who sell their work.

I'd suggest you look into club competitions. In the PSA where I compete rankings are from beginner to intermediate to advanced to masters, including both amateurs and pros. Your stuff would rate advanced I'd say, and well on your way to making it to masters if you can decide why some shots work and some don't.

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