How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

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Re: How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

john isaacs wrote:

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Chizuka wrote:

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john isaacs wrote:

8. Start with a cheap or used drone, learn your lessons and decide if you want to spend more.

Not necessarily true for a cheap drone. Possibly true for a used DJI drone. An unsatisfying experience with a cheap drone could very easily put one off the hobby totally.

Thank you for your comments on John’s suggestions. I am interested in the DJI mini for its portability, light for travel. So I guess that would be what you call cheap drone?

The DJI Mini 2 is not a "toy" or "cheap" drone. It is the best of the sub-249g drones with features the others try to match, but do not. It is reliable, simple to fly, and has surprisingly good camera performance. It is a very good introduction to GPS drones, and at $450 I highly recommend it. If you could afford $599 for the Fly More Combo so much the better.

It has some limitations, such as the lack of obstacle avoidance. However, that is easily overcome with understanding of those limitations, and practice.

Okay, let's say "inexpensive". The Mini 2 is great for travel. The drone is smaller than the controller. But it's 12mp with a tiny sensor, so when you start wanting improved quality to match what you get from your DSLR rather than your iPhone, you will want bigger, better, and much more expensive.

That is why I started with the Air 2, and then updated to the Air 2S with its 1" sensor and higher camera specs. I am seriously considering adding the Mini 2 as a compact, light weight option for travel.

...but, the current rumor mill regarding a new Mavic 3, possibly with an M4/3 sensor might push me in that direction if the price is not too astronomically high.

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