Samyang 14mm EF renewal or RF (manual)

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Re: Samyang 14mm EF renewal or RF (manual)

m_breeb_99 wrote:

I am considering buying a manual 14mm Samyang wide angle lens for astrophotography in combination with my EOS RP. As I already have an EF adapter, there are two versions to choose from: the EF renewal (mark 2) version or the RF version (not considering the original EF version because it seems to be hit / miss in terms of quality). I was wondering which one to take. The RF version is slightly cheaper but not a lot.

Obviously, the immediate advantage of the RF version is that it doesn't need an adapter. On the other hand, the RF version is still heavier than the EF mark 2 version + adapter. Additionally, the Viltrox EF adapter has a tripod base, which probably makes for a better balanced setup.

Also, I noticed that the EF mark 2 version has focus lock which seems quite useful to me.

But at the end it probably boils down to image quality and chance to obtain a good copy. Which one would be better on these dimensions? And does anyone have other arguments to pick either one?


I am not sure what you mean by EF renewal mk ii ?

The Samyang 14mm lenses for Canon that I am aware of include (there may be others);

14mm f2.8 MF EF mount- I heard of one that may now include some lens communication (the Nikon version does communicate with Nikon bodies). This is a lottery - chances of getting a decent one might 1 in 4-5 lenses. They are cheap for a reason.

14mm f2.8 AF EF mount - IME slightly better than the MF version, but still a lottery.

14mm f2.4 XP MF EF mount - a completely different lens that gives the Sigma 14mm f1.8 Art a good run IQ-wise. Much better quality, very few reports of bad copies, full lens communications, including aperture setting & full exif. It doesn't have a focus lock - I think they only UWA lens I have handled that does (well it has an infinity click & I think a focus lock, and the infinity click was useless) is the Irix 15mm f2.4 (not that it was of any use because the ones I tried didn't focus to infinity properly). Much bigger, heavier & more costly than the cheap-and-cheerful f2.8 lenses, but still smaller, lighter & cheaper than the Sigma.

14mm RF - I have never tried one but there seems to be OK reports in the R forum.

As far as I know, the f2.4 XP version is head & shoulders better than any other Samyang 14mm lens - it is the one to get unless you want a native RF lens or budget is tight. I am very happy with mine - had it for nearly 3 years now.


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