Subject Tracking & Exposure Comp?

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Subject Tracking & Exposure Comp?

Good evening all,

Still getting used to my Z6ii (and loving it).  I had a couple questions I thought I'd ask y'all.

One item that I'm struggling with compared to Canony is seeing my current exposure compensation in the EVF.  I'm used to being able to change it and see it's current status (+1.0 / -2.0, etc).  When I select the exp comp button I can see the changes I make/made but it then defaults to some other exposure comp status... which I'm not really sure what that is tbh (live?).  I can see the setting changes on the top OLED screen, but would like to see it in the EVF, is this possible?

Second question.  During a shoot this morning I had the camera set to AF-C Wide with Face Detection.  I turned on the Subject tracking and it would not stay locked on the boat house at the end of the pier.  It didn't wander to far off, but it would not stay on the house where I placed it.  It seems there would be plenty of contrast for it to stay located.  I could see in a very low contrast scenario that it might struggle.  I had the tracking box center in the house.  Hoping someone can help me understand a bit better how this function thinks.  Overall it's been very useful and sticky.  When not using it on my children for action, I use it for quick recomposition.  Having it mapped to FB-1 has been great.

Thanks again for the help!

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