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Re: Canon - Fuji dilemma

Statto1927 wrote:

It’s not the images Kelly, happy with what comes out f the camera, so I guess it’s something else, but as I said, it’s hard to pin down. I like the PASM design rather than Fuji's more traditional multi button approach.

The X-S10 should fix that?  The menu structures are quite different, I happen to get along with both.  Default button assignments and wheel locations are another possible factor.  That has to be checked with specific models, as the buttons and wheels can change within any brand.

The build quality is good. It’s comfortable to hold. It may be more operational/system as I was so used to the Canon system and interface - it’s hard because it’s one of those scenarios where I don’t dislike the Fuji per se, but I feel that I’d be happier going back to and using Canon - BUT, the big question is going back to an older DSLR from a current mirrorless model a backward step I’d regret in a few months time?

If you don't mind the extra DSLR weight (both body and lenses), then a DSLR might work.  I could still see myself using a nice DSLR in studio.  But out in the field I much prefer a modern mirrorless.


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