Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

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Re: Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

Hike Pics wrote:

That is great that you have had such good luck with batteries. I currently have 5 NP-800 (EN-L1) for both of my A200 cameras. The KM battery comes off the charger at 8.13v. I think that's great for such an old battery. But the way, it may sound strange but I label my batteries (A, B, C, etc) as well as their voltages right off the charger. It helps to keep up with ones that might be going bad. I have a Synergy Digital battery that reads full at only 4.83 volts.

One thing I have always liked about Canon cameras is they have the system battery in a user-friendly location. I just replaced the CR1220 batteries in all of mine. Should be good for a very long time.

Thanks. Are your five batteries 15 or 16 years old like my ones, and you ever had a battery failure?
I remember at the time, a sales chap in a camera store saying to me that generally speaking, the NP400 batteries would last about four years, while third party ones would last three years. He idin't know much, as it turns out.

Interesting about the Canon cameras' internal battery. I have some old Powershots from the 2000s, and I haven't tested them out in ages. 

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